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DCDC16 seminars and workshops

W1: From Archive & Academia to Classroom & Community… Creating wider impact from academic research at The National Archives

Andrew Payne, Sara Griffiths, Rachel Hillman and Clare Horrie (The National Archives)

Creating real impact with wider audiences from academic research is one of the hottest topics on the REF. Over the past 5 years the Education and Outreach teams at The National Archives have been doing precisely this, working to create impact with schools and communities from a range of research projects. This seminar will take three different research projects and show how impact has been achieved by working with teachers, students and communities. Packed with Medieval Immigrants, Civil War Women and Loyalty & Dissent in the First World War this will be an unmissable, hands-on session guaranteed to make an impact!

W2: So now we know?  But what do we do about it – together? Delivering the recommendations from the Research Study into Collecting Drivers for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with Archives and Unique and Distinctive Collections (UDCs)

Caroline Williams (Consultant) :: Cathy Williams (The National Archives) :: Jessica Gardner (University of Bristol & RLUK Board) :: Rachel Beckett (University of Manchester)

In March 2016, Research Libraries UK (RLUK) and The National Archives (TNA) commissioned a joint-research study to establish and explore the collecting drivers for archival collections held by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The study was intended to demonstrate how such drivers correspond with changing policy frameworks within the institutional, national or global research environment; to identify gaps or areas of vulnerability in collecting; and to support the rehoming of collections ‘at risk’. This seminar will share the outcomes of that study and open a conversation about the next steps.

W3: Developing an audience-led RLUK strategy for Special Collections

Jessica Gardner (University of Bristol and RLUK Board)


  • To engage and consult participants on the development of an audience-led RLUK strategy for unique and distinct collections
  • To hear views from wider stakeholders in the DCDC community to help formulate policy and develop partnerships
  • To encourage debate and share good practice from library, archive and museum perspectives

W4: So, can I use that or not? Navigating rights, reproductions, and risk in an OpenGLAM world

Ronan Deazley (Queen’s University Belfast) :: Simon Tanner (King’s Col­lege London) :: Andrea Wallace (University of Glasgow and National Library of Scotland)

This seminar presents Display At Your Own Risk, a research-led exhibition experiment concerned with the public reuse of digital surrogates of public domain works of art produced by cultural heritage institutions of international repute.

This unique research initiative provides the springboard for an authoritative, expert and engaging examination of how copyright and contract norms shape and impact user engagement with digital cultural heritage. This is an essential session for anyone interested in the nature, scope and coherence of rights and reproductions policies in an OpenGLAM world.