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CLIR Material Memory – a special DCDC21 episode



DCDC21 is delighted to have partnered with CLIR, the Council on Library and Information Resources, to create a special episode of their Material Memory podcast, featuring speakers from the DCDC21 programme.

In theme-based seasons, Material Memory explores the effects of our changing environment—from digital technologies to the climate crisis—on our ability to access the record of our shared humanity, and the critical role that libraries, archives, museums, and other public institutions play in keeping cultural memory alive.

The DCDC podcast will examine the DCDC21 theme of the impact that crisis can have on working practices, collections, and audience engagement, through the lens of three different types of crisis.

Click above to listen to the podcast on the Material Memory page

Podcast interviewees:

Angela Whitecross, Project Manager at the University of Manchester on NHS Voices of Covid-19: a national collection of personal testimonies of Covid-19 and the NHS, in partnership with the British Library.

Teresa Cisneros, Inclusive Practice Lead at Wellcome Collection on challenging institutionalised racism and ableism in the cultural heritage sector.

Henry Roberts on the National Library of Scotland’s Climate Action Plan, which aims to build a more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient Library and Scotland.

Matt Greenhall, Deputy Executive Director of RLUK, which co-hosts the DCDC Conference with The National Archives and Jisc.