Chief Executive, North Somerset Council

Mike Jackson


Mike Jackson has been Chief Executive at North Somerset Council since November 2013, helping lead the Council in maintaining performance, while meeting rising expectations with less resource. Mike is working with partners on public service integration, digital transformation and in maximising jobs and economic opportunity for North Somerset – including a university in Weston, part of an exciting new vision for the regeneration of the town. Culture is central to that vision, and North Somerset is using the Dismaland legacy to help drive a fundamental re-positioning of Weston – as a dynamic major urban centre by the sea.

Before moving to North Somerset, Mike had been Director of Environment, Transport and Development, at Norfolk County Council. Prior to that, Mike had been Deputy Chief Executive at Nottingham City Council, following a career in the civil service – working in the Government Office for the East Midlands, Department of Transport/Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, Cabinet Office and English Partnerships.

Presentation: Weston after Dismaland – Banksy and Beyond

This is a story about the power of art. About a contemporary art exhibition conceived, planned and built in secret, that became a global media phenomenon and catalyst for the regeneration of Weston-super-Mare. And how North Somerset is using that to help drive a fundamental re-positioning of Weston – as a dynamic, major urban centre by the sea. Forget what you thought you knew about Weston – this is the birth of ‘Weston urban cool’!