Head of Creative Partnerships, BBC

Jane Ellison

Tuesday 20 November, 09:15 – 10:15

Jane leads the BBC’s work on partnerships with the UK cultural and knowledge sectors including most recently for Civilisations (BBC 2) and World War One on the BBC. Jane’s past roles include programme maker, journalist, editor, senior manager and commissioner for factual programmes at Radio 4. She is a Trustee of Libraries Connected, a member of the Leadership for Libraries Taskforce and of the Learning and Participation Committee of the Royal Opera House. Jane is the author of the King’s Cultural Enquiry into partnerships ‘The Art of Partnering’.

Presentation: Anniversaries: the milestones of history?

One hundred years ago over just 12 months, some women got the right to vote for the first time, the Armistice marked the close of World War One,  the RAF was formed and a flu pandemic swept across the world. A century on, we have been exploring the political, cultural and social shifts from events that have shaped the world we know today. But why are anniversaries such powerful landmarks for reflection? Are they too dominant in setting the agenda? And how can archives and collections tell other stories in the 21st Century?

This session will be accompanied by an onsite BBC display of innovative uses of archive (on the ground floor foyer all day on Tuesday 20 November)